Beyond primary care.

A concierge medical health and wellness practice focused on accelerating and advancing patients’ good health and wellbeing.

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Injury, rehabilitation, wellness, age management and regenerative medicine specialists work collaboratively to move you from your current health state to

a healthier state of being.

We evolved from a spine health and medicine practice. Today, our services follow the total arc of patients’ lives, beginning in early adolescence. We do not replace primary care. Coastal Health Group fills the void that exists beyond primary care.

Day-by-day, with patient as partner, we return people to the activities and a feeling of wellness they thought gone forever.

– Dr. Jonn McClellan

Interventional Pain Management

Non-opioid safe options for treatment of chronic and acute pain.

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Stem Cell/PRP

Drives the body’s repair system. After injury, stem cells replenish and heal the body.

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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, damage or congenital defects.

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Injury Care

Combines chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, non-surgical spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, and soft tissue therapies.

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Dr. Jonn McClellan, D.C.
Founding Physician
  • “I have had a fabulous experience with Dr. McClellan. I had never seen a chiropractor before, but I became open to trying it out when I began experiencing pain and extreme tightness in my shoulder. The pain got so bad I wasn’t able to practice yoga, which I’m used to doing on an almost daily basis. After seeing Dr. McClellan, I found out it was a neck injury causing the pain and was able to receive treatment for it. I feel so much better and am back to practicing yoga regularly with very little neck or shoulder discomfort. The staff and Dr. McClellan are very helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve definitely had one of my best healthcare experiences of my life with them.”

    - Lexi

  • “We searched for years for an explanation as to why our healthy, active, 12-year old son was having so many headaches, shoulder problems and flexibility issues. Dr. Jonn was the first person to take time and truly explore what was going on with him. After just two short months, he was cured!”


    - Emily

  • “Dr. McClellan and his staff are great! I have been told by neurologists and orthopedic doctors that my back has been ruined. The treatments Dr. McCellan has given me have eased my pain quite a bit. No other doctor I have seen, for any reason, has been as caring or involved with helping me as Dr. McCellan has been. I highly recommend Coastal Health to anybody who has to deal with chronic back pain.”

    - Pat

  • “My experience here was awesome. I was given some wonderful therapeutic exercises that helped the break in my foot so I could get back on my snowboard and skis. I would highly recommend this facility & the people serving here. Polite. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Thank you.”

    - Sabrina

  • “The entire office staff is helpful and caring. Dr. McClellan is especially wonderful and so knowledgeable. I am 81 years old, full of aches and pains. I leave Coastal Health feeling good again. What more can I say?”

    - Eleanor